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Acquisition International is a leading Magazine which states it "works alongside leading industry analysts to ensure we publish the most up to date figures and analysis. Through our regular features and our regional, sector and specialist reviews, we thoroughly research and  pub...more

The claimants alleged that the defendant (G) had, in effect, defrauded them of some £8m. In 2011, a freezing order was obtained on an application without notice. Within a month or so, that freezing order was discharged. The claimants subsequently learned that a company owned...more

London Court of Appeal Lawyer and barrister, Arfan Khan appears successfully in the Court in a free speech case involving the exclusion of US nationals from the UK. He previously successfully appeared in the appeal involving the exclusion of the Dutch MP, Geert Wilders from the U...more

Appeal Court Barrister, Arfan Khan appears successfully in the Court of Appeal in Michael v Official Receiver [2014] EWCA CA Civ 534. The appeal is against a decision of Roth J upholding a decision of the Chief Registrar against whom the Appellant alleges predetermination and app...more

London Court of Appeal Lawyer, Arfan Khan appears successfully in the Court of Appeal in Gaurilcikiene v Tesco Stores [2013] EWCA Civ 1612 where Lord Justice Rimer grants permission to appeal against a decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal: see paras 11-15 in the reported ju...more

London Commercial Lawyer, Arfan Khan successfully defends a claim brought against the former director of the Bank of Ireland involving a Penthouse club in Leicester Square. The case has been reported in the FT in so far as material as follows: "According to a court order issued ...more

The claimant worked as a chef and general domestic servant for the defendant in Uganda under a contract (the 1998 contract). The claimant subsequently performed work for the defendant in the UK. The claimant commenced proceedings against the defendant for failure to provide he...more

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