Arfan Khan selected as One to Watch in Chancery and Commercial Law

Acquisition International is a leading Magazine which states it “works alongside leading industry analysts to ensure we publish the most up to date figures and analysis. Through our regular features and our regional, sector and specialist reviews, we thoroughly research and  publish today’s corporate finance news in cooperation with the leading professionals in the industry”.

Acquisition International conducted a monthly search for the Ones to Watch “around the globe” that are “providing peerless service and achieving stunning results, both for themselves and their clients”.

Arfan Khan was selected by Acquisition International as the One to Watch in Intellectual Property, Chancery and Commercial Law. Although some of the questions and answers are reproduced below, the full article can be accessed by clicking on the following:

One to Watch Arfan Khan

Arfan Khan Intellectual Property, Chancery and Commercial – Acquisition-International

“You have appeared in numerous reported cases in the Court of Appeal. Do you think the appeal system serves
the public well?

Yes. Certainly, the Court of Appeal Civil Division in the UK remains an important check on the abuse of executive power and injustice. It has two functions. The first is to correct wrong decisions so as to ensure justice between the parties. The second is a public objective which involves setting precedents and clarifying the law. It can be seen to be performing these dual objectives in numerous reported cases, which are freely available to the public in a legal database called BAILII. It seems to me that these dual objectives lead to the necessary development of the common law by ensuring that it remains in line with social change”.

 When working with clients, what are the main factors and areas to consider in bringing about a successful result?

The most important one is time. It is necessary to be available at all times, and that involves being available over the weekends, and the early hours of the morning upon request. The law never sleeps. Metaphysically speaking, time in that sense is not a measure of unit that can be selfishly measured through drawing boundary lines between the person and self. It is rather linear in the sense that it is mutually shared as a sense of human worth. It is that worth which lies at the bottom of any judicial verdict or successful result.

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